Entrepreneurship is all about making things happen, that our individual or collective offer adequately reaches the addressee and making it valuable.
Many people understand entrepreneurship only as an individual business creation, where the creator must face the world on its own. Needless to say, this situation generates aguish, but it's not the only option.
Being an intra-entrepreneur can be an alternative for all, ergo, develop initiatives inside their own organizations. Companies should, now more than ever, be opened to this possibility and promote proactivity within their members.
Not all entrepreneurs aim for profit, we can also elaborate social, cultural, educational, and artistic ones, not only individually, but also from the inside of a company to create shared value.


By the observation and identification of every available resource, every new way of buying, producing, communicating, distributing, and funding, we let ourselves see a world of possibilities for enterprising in any area, breaking with the traditional paradigms that restrict us.
The traditional model of selling lemonade in the neighborhood has died.
We must enter with humility and openness to the new scenery, listen to others and empathize with the new demands.
Today we must first, identify if our neighbor is thirsty, and then figure out what he would like to drink.
The love for personal ideas and our ego can rapidly lead is into frustration and failure.


Abundance is infinite… If someone is successful, then I will be successful. The ancient model of eliminating the competition is becoming less popular.
Collaboration and the conscience of the greater good are generating new integrated management and business models that are revolutionizing society and many economic sectors.

The great recent technological advances, Internets' introduction, and social media have all made a historical change in transparency. Today, we can be instantly informed of any global and local occurrence thanks to new devices and thousands of users that share their information with others. Companies, governments, and people are visible today more than ever.
Transparency and authenticity have been transformed into highly demanded values. They both deliver the necessary confidence to follow a leader, a brand, or consume a product.

Me Inc.
NWe are not just our name or degree. We are people with multiple attributes and skills that are hard to recognize in ourselves sometimes.
If we can manage to withdraw from our degrees and discover all of the existing potential in us, then we will be better prepared to be a unique offer and resume a personal path without the limitations of space and time.
Liberty comes along with responsibility; this is why we must be conscious and accept it with courage.