Creativity is a skill we all possess from the first second of our birth. Nevertheless, since the industrial mechanistic system establishment, along with the generic educational structure, creativity has been gradually discarded and underestimated as a valuable attribute. Nowadays, given the increasing uncertainty setting, it is necessary to recuperate and strengthen creativity in each one of us, and through it, become proactive beings and agents of change.

Many people understand creativity as a spark of light, but this is just the end of a process that begins with the observation, the discovering, and the recognition of all the components and variables of the phenomenon we are studying. This way, a new idea or proposal arises from de intersection of observation and all the collected information of the preexisting elements. It is because of this I understand observation as the cradle of creativity.
Creativity is in all of us. Our environment, the education system, the specialized and fragmented working system, have all made us believe that it is a privileged space reserved for artists and not everyone. Recognizing ourselves as creative is the first step to actually be it and dare to suggest and create.

Scarcity and Crisis

Necessity and scarcity drive us into being creative and force us to find solutions with few resources. In an abundant environment, most of the time we feel no need to create, and only in moments of crisis we appeal to creativity. It is not mandatory to wait for these moments to take action, by being constantly proactive in a cycle of continuous improvement we can optimize our resources, anticipate de future, and maintain our life's quality.
Questioning, Testing, Exercising

We have been taught to give answers, not to make questions, returning curiosity and questioning our reality opens the door to hundreds of new possibilities.
The main learning lies in the mistakes we make, not only in wise decisions, and we can only make mistakes if we practice testing and taking risks.


Creativity is like a muscle and it needs training.
There are numerous tools that facilitate our creative processes, both individual and collective.
Taking into account that the best ideas emerge from an intersecting process of information and observation, teamwork and collaboration are the most suitable sceneries to create, due to the large quantity of visions that appear in diverse groups.